MTV Asia – My Chemical Romance Making the Video promo

Title:     My Chemical Romance Making the Video promo            Dur: 60 sec

Voice-Over Video/Sound-bites
Their videos have always been captivating,

And dramatic.

Helena MV

Ghost of you MV

Now, My Chemical Romance marches out on their Black Parade,

To welcome us behind the scenes.

Black Parade MV
“Hey guys, we’re MCR as the black parade, and this is our first day of shooting.”
Witness the tension
“I can’t go high, I can’t go low.”

“I’ll kill you.”

“He just gets intense, I get intense.

Intense, that’s it.”

And the fun “Gerard, you make my heart burn…”
Of a great video in its making.
Chorus of Black Parade + filming of band rocking
“I love what everybody did on it, it became larger than life, like this song became larger than life.”

“We really are just 5 guys that really wanted to become something extraordinary. This is our dream, we’re in a dream right now”

My Chemical Romance Makes a video: Welcome to the Black Parade.

Premieres Sunday, 12th Nov at 1.30pm.


MTV Asia – Michael Buble Contest

Title:  MTV Asia – Michael Buble Contest Spot               Dur: 30 sec

Voice-Over Video
The wait is over,

It’s Time for Michael Buble Live in Concert,

Catch him, Monday 10th October at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.


Its Time For Michael Buble Live in Concert

Date:    Monday 10th Oct

Time:    8pm

Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

-> use live footage

MTV, the official music channel is giving

5 lucky winners a chance to experience the smooth sound of Michael Buble live.

Log on to now and answer this question-

Name the title of Michael Buble’s current album


Name the title of Michael Buble’s current album

Terms and conditions apply.

It’ll be a night to remember,

So get your dancing shoes ready.

MTV logo

Mars versus Venus radio script

Woman:    Why dun you ask for instructions when you’re lost?

Man:           How many shoes do you need to buy?

Woman:    Why can’t you be more sensitive?

Man:           Why won’t you tell me what’s wrong?

Woman:    Oh Man,

Man:           Oh Woman,

Together:  Why don’t I understand you?

Man:          Nobody knows why the 2 genders are so different,

But you can try to find out for yourself and have a laugh in our all-new comedy drama series


Mars Versus Venus,

Starting 1st of May, Mondays to Fridays, at 9pm

Starting Tomorrow, Mondays to Fridays, at 9pm

Starting Tonight, Mondays to Fridays, at 9pm

Man:           A must-watch for men and women!