The Noose Season 3 Episode 1 (2010)

The first episode of The Noose Season 3 was out last night! It’s showing every Tuesday 8.30pm on Channel 5. You can watch it online through’s catch-up tv here.

I am happy to be one of the two contributing writers for this season because I’m a fan of sketch comedy and the Noose. While last night’s episode didn’t have any of my sketches (the producer told me they had to go for more sponsor-related content), I thought last night’s ep was not bad. Not the best, but it will get better.

Here’s a brief review of last night’s episode.

This season’s Noose comes at an earlier timing of 8.30 rather than the previous’s 10pm. Hence, the Singlish and sexual innuendos have been toned down.

There is more sponsored content in last night’s ep, with the anti-smoking segments, since the Noose has attracted more youngsters in its previous seasons. But hopefully, let’s not forget the PMEBs by having some intelligent humour.

I’m quite impressed with the new set, it looks really classic and solid, with all the wood paneling.

The sketch for the weather report segment was one of my ideas and Alaric did an adlib on it, as rapper Gor-Kak, Singapore’s version of 50 cent. That idea came from watching Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe, he had an episode where these white British girls were acting all hip-hop and ghetto, with a British accent. I’d hoped to go for the same, but perhaps i should have indicated it clearer in the script.

After looking at last night’s episode, I went back to rewrite another sketch, involving the recent oil slick (not in US, but at our eastern coasts). The tone of the Noose is something we have to be careful about… it’s easy to veer into slapstick and OTT (over the top) parody. Those are not very funny sometimes.

I find that my favourite sketches were often those that were local, involved government figures, or has a certain dumb naivete to it, for example the Cleanest HDB Estate Competition which gives awards for Most Shiny Lift Buttons, and there’s a cleaner wiping/polishing the steel buttons. That one got a laugh out of me.

Alright, that’s about all for now. I still have a cold and a cough and another script to break down. See ya.


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