Noose 3 Ep 9 – Geylang Integrated Resorts

Personally, I feel this is one of the best episodes in this season. Catch it here.

Well, some good news, my sketch about the Geylang IRs became the opening sketch for last night’s episode.

This one was written because the producers, writers and cast had a meeting early this year to discuss what topics to cover and we decided that the IRs are definitely high up on this list.

So it came to us, how the underground casinos at Geylang would react to the IRs by perhaps creating their own version. This was also the period when the Jack Neo fiasco was in the news. So I wrote in a spoof where the gangster shielded his boss, just like Ah Nan did for Jack Neo’s press conference.

If you haven’t seen that, someone on the internet made a metalcore version:

Yes, the interwebs is full of nonsense besides gems like Global Voices (which gives voices everywhere, not just North American or developed countries, a chance to be heard.)

Sigh, this season of Noose is ending. Final episode next Tuesday.


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