What I like about copywriting

I like copywriting because, well, besides having the opportunity to play with words or persuade people, I think one of the meaningful things it does is actually manipulating information – translating chunks of boring information into a clearer, fun-to-read format.

But it’s more than communication, it’s the construction of meaning.

You build up a world through your words, and get people to see meaningful value around them. E.g., a job sorting mail is no longer just a job – you’re responsible for bridging lovers in their letters, or bringing warmth to a homesick family member who misses local food…

It’s great that inspiration/advice can come from unexpected sources. Currently, I’m working on a recruitment project and I happen to be watching a talk by Guy Kawasaki and he mentioned drawng a MAP for your employees.

What’s MAP?

Mastery – the chance to master skills, gain experience and learn.

Autonomy – the opportunity to work independently, without micro-management.

Purpose – that they are contributing to a greater goal, a greater good, that their work is meaningful and has purpose.

I would like to add one more point:

Turn duties and responsibilities into opportunities to learn and improve.

Ok, I feel more assured to start work tomorrow.


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