Noose TV scripts – Singapore’s Rogue Lawyers (Unpublished)

Noose 3 – Singapore’s Rogue Lawyers

After several incidents of local lawyers running away with their client’s money, lawyers in Singapore have gotten themselves a bad reputation.

Adrianna Wow:
Ooh, they’re so bad… but there’s just something attractive about them too. Our Noose reporter, Nina Goodwood, goes on a special expose this week on Singapore’s very own bad boys, our Rogue Lawyers.

MONTAGE OF PHOTOCOPIED NEWS CLIPPINGS OR HEADLINES (“Rogue lawyer runs away with millions”, “Couple Duped by Rogue Lawyer”, “More Lawyers Going Rogue”) AND JUSTICE COURT BUILDING.
Nina Goodwood (VO):
Running away. Stealing money. Lying and cheating. The question on everyone’s mind is, What is really happening to Singapore’s legal profession? What is causing our lawyers to become Rogue Lawyers? The Noose met up this week with Clarence Lim, an En-Bloc lawyer who recently turned to the dark side.

LAWYER squats down at steps outside JUSTICE COURT, with askew tie, unbuttoned tucked-out shirt, rolled-up sleeves, behaves like a hooligan.

Clarence Lim, En-Bloc Lawyer:
(To passer-bys) What? Stare at me for what? Not happy ah? One on one la! I sue you for personal injury ah! (To camera) Yeah let me explain this to you. Nice guys finish last. If you always study your thick law book, you become a nerd! You’re not going to get the chicks! You have to be a bad boy! Badddd! Chicks dig that, you understand? It’s cool to be a rogue lawyer!

Nina Goodwood (Standup):
According to our sources, some rogue lawyers are also gathering at an underground carpark after work to vent their frustrations. Angry about not earning at least $10,00 dollars a month, these lawyers fight among themselves in a no-holds barred, group fight which they call, Lawyer Rumble.

Nina Goodwood (VO):
The rules are simple. Two lawyers fight inside a carpark lot. Each tries to force the other out and disqualify them. Every two minutes, a new lawyer enters the lot. The last lawyer to remain standing in the carpark lot will be the winner.

Clarence Lim, En-Bloc Lawyer: (in a mess, carried by his supporters, holds up the Lawyer Rumble Championship Belt and kisses it several times)
Whoo! I am the Lawyer Rumble Winner! Epic Win! (Everyone cheers, including a few babes.)

Nina Goodwood (Standup):
By day, they are the defenders of Justice, upholding the Law. By night, or whenever they feel like it, they are unlawful lawyers, behaving like bad boys in order to get female attention. Will our lawyers outgrow this terrible phase? We certainly hope so. This is Nina Goodwood reporting for the Noose, see you next time.


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