Noose Tv script – CHANGI AIRPORT WINS ANOTHER AWARD, AGAIN. (unpublished)


Adrianna Wow: Recently, Changi Airport has won the World’s Best Airport award.

B. B. See: What, again?!

Adrianna Wow:Now with more than 340 awards under its belt, Changi Airport is set to soar to greater heights. Andre Chichak finds out what new plans are in store for our world famous airport.

Andre Chichak (VO):
It’s big, it’s round, it’s yellow – No, it’s not a fishball on a stick, it’s our beloved Changi Airport.

Andre Chichak (VO): With its wonderful facilities and excellent service, Changi Airport has topped the Skytrax Airport rankings almost every year. The CEO of Changi Airport, Mr Albert Chua, tells us more about this year’s win.

Albert Chua, Changi Airport, CEO:
We win so many awards every year… where do we find enough space to put our trophies and medals? No more space already! Second place winner, Incheon Airport, if you guys want this award so badly, we can give it to you. Not! Haha, just kidding! Actually, I have a great plan to bring Changi Airport to the next level and win more awards. How about, we build another brand new terminal?! Good?

Andre Chichak (VO):
According to the management, new plans will be introduced to improve Changi Airport. Such as newly designed airport trolleys , toilet paper with aloe vera moisturiser … And a new school called Changi Airport Secondary School will also be built for students who like to study at the airport. A spokesman from the Ministry of Education:

Govt. Spokesman Wan Mo Peh:
It’s a very pragmatic decision. Since Singapore students like to study at the airport, might as well build a school here for them! We can also become an education hub. Our foreign students can fly in and fly out for classes everyday. There will be many high fliers!

Andre Chichak (VO):
Changi Airport Secondary School will offer lessons in how to pack toiletries into tiny bottles , what to do in an emergency landing and how to design better airport trolleys. .

Andre Chichak (standup):
With such exciting plans, the Changi Airport authorities say that they are heading for more awards in the future, such as the Most Photogenic Airport Award and the Award for Airport with the Most Awards. This is Andre Chichak, reporting for the Noose.


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