Noose tv script – Credit card companies fed up with fake terminations (unpublished)

Noose 3 – Credit card companies fed up with fake terminations

Adrianna Wow:
Do you own a credit card? Do you threaten to quit your membership whenever it’s time to pay your annual fees? Well, the credit card companies are totally fed up with your fake terminations now. Andre Chichak has the news.

Andre Chichak (VO):
For years, many credit card holders in Singapore have threatened to terminate their cards and hence gotten their annual fees waived successfully. Today, a group of major banks in Singapore are totally fed up with such behavior and have issued a collective statement as a warning to all Singaporeans.

Morgan Bradley, Spokesman for Major Bank: (standing at a podium)
Whenever you don’t get something your way, you threaten to break up with us. You have absolutely no commitment in this relationship. But you forget, we control the economy. We control your money. We can easily crush you if we want to.

Andre Chichak (VO):
Every year, it costs the banks millions of dollars to handle calls from annoying customers who lose their credit cards. On top of that, the have to deal with mind games from you, throwing your silly tantrums, (mimics a crybaby) waaa waaa I don’t want to pay my annual fee, I threaten to terminate my membership, waaa…

Enough is enough. Starting from end of this year, you better pay up your annual fee! Don’t you dare threaten to quit! Okay, you know what, the banks have decided to dump you first! How would you like that huh? No more discounts on your restaurant bills! No more cheap movie tickets! No more points for you! Ha!


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