Noose tv scripts – Lunch-hour Financial Bulletin (unpublished)

Noose 3 – Business News – Lunch-hour Numbers

Let’s check out what’s happening in the financial scene this week with our business reporter, Aaron Boomzberg.

Aaron Boomzberg:
Thank you Adrianna. Now as we all know, the lunch hour is the most enjoyable time while we are working. So here are some lunch hour numbers that can tell us how our economy is doing.

According to our survey, 500 people gathered at the grass patch at Raffles Place during lunch hour this week. A total of 75 office-workers made their own sandwiches for lunch while 245 asked their mothers to do it for them. Yeah, so-so.

Meanwhile, 25 pencil-thin office ladies were spotted wearing pencil skirts, this drove the Straits Times Index up by 0.74 percent! in the afternoon. That’s good news.

For bad news, 15 accountants were sent home by their bosses during lunch-time for wearing shirts with floral designs. And one sales executive accidentally punctured the tyre of a taxi while crossing the road with his pointy leather shoes. This is the 5th incident that has happened this week and we will like to warn everyone to be more careful when they are wearing pointy leather shoes.

That’s all the figures we have for now. The economy seems to be going up, yay. (thumbs up)

Back to you Adrianna. (Stands up and about to walk off) Oh, and please tell the guy beside you to wash the pants before passing to me next week.

(Talks to offscreen producer)
When will we get some budget around here? Why do I have to share my pants with him? (Points at B.B. See)


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