Noose tv scripts – Medival business news (unpublished)

B. B. See:
And now, a look at what’s happening in the world of business with Allan Boomzberg.

Allan Boomzberg:
Hear ye, hear ye! An important trade announcement from his majesty, the ever-wise King Henry.

With effect from the morrow, all trade within the kingdom shall come under a royal tax. All nobles, merchants and peasants (spits), shall have to pay duties of 10 gold coins for each cow or goat they sell at the market square.

For selling chimpanzees kept as pets, the tax is 6 gold coins. For chimpanzees kept as husbands, 3 gold coins.

For chickens and ducks, the tax is 8 gold coins. Half of it will pay for medical tests for the bird, and half of it will go into the bird’s favorite charity. Thou shall never question his Majesty’s wisdom.

For horses, the trading tax shall be 20 gold coins, as his majesty, the ever-wise King Henry, wants to encourage all good and gentle folk to take up public transport instead. Rest your hearts that public transportation will be less crowded from now as additional donkeys have been hired and the maximum number of passengers per donkey has been lowered to 12.

That’s all the business news we have for our kingdom this week.
Fare thee well, good sirs, ladies and peasants (spits).


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