Noose tv scripts – Singaporeans to be shown Panda-mating videos to help increase birth rate


B.B. See: The declining birth rate in Singapore has always been a nagging problem but it looks like a new solution to reverse the downward trend has finally been found.


Andre Chichak (V.O): Under a new scheme by the new Ministry of Reproduction, panda-mating videos will be shown to Singaporeans to encourage them to start their own families. Dr. Ai Bao Bao explains why in a press conference today.

Dr. Ai Bao Bao, Ministry of Reproduction:
Less and less babies are being born every year. We have to try new solutions! According to scientific research, panda-mating videos have proven a success with the very shy Giant Pandas. So we believe this creative solution will also help save another endangered species: the Singaporeans!

Watching panda-mating videos will inspire all Singaporeans to do their national duty! Under this new scheme, all newly married couples will receive a special DVD boxset of Panda movies for reference. (Shows DVD boxset)


Andre Chichak (V.O): Will these Panda instructional videos, specially imported from China work? Let’s ask Singaporeans on the street and see what they think of the black and white creature.

Andre Chichak with Vox-Pop Qns: Do you like Zebras? I mean Pandas? Are you excited to see Pandas in future? Have you watched the movie Kung Fu Panda? If they have another Panda movie, will you watch it? Which of the following will you choose, a poisonous snake, a giant spider or a cuddly panda? What do you think of panda-mating videos?

KTV Gal Lulu: Hi ni hao, wo shi Lulu… for economically success, Singapore needs to catch up with the China rapid development growth, and human reproduction. In China, Sze Chuan, the Giant Pandas eat 15kg of bamboo every day and mate once a year. But this is still 5 times more than the Singaporean! Singaporeans eat 3kg of rice and only mate once very 5 years. We must watch and learn from the videos.


B.B. See: In order to support this nation-building effort, MediaCorp will be showing a series of panda-mating movies after 10pm on weekday nights, starting from next Monday. Don’t forget to catch the first movie, Panvatar in 3D.


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