Noose tv scripts – MediaCorp introduces Wedding Planning Services (unaired)

Adrianna Wow: (Hums the wedding theme and sighs dreamily)
It’s every girl’s wish to have a fairytale wedding, but in real life, planning a wedding can be so complicated!

Never fear! A company with years of experience in planning weddings is here to help you. That’s right, it’s MediaCorp.

MONTAGE OF WEDDING THEME: TV WEDDINGS & CELEB WEDDINGS (Fann Wong & Christopher Lee, Michelle Chia & Shaun Chen)

B.B.See (VO):
They have years of experience in holding weddings. Whether it’s because the plot calls for it, or because they just want to attract more viewers, the Wedding Planning Department in MediaCorp has helped to plan many elaborate weddings. Now, the company has decided to launch its exclusive service to all their viewers.

Foo Yong Tau, MediaCorp Wedding Planner:
We understand what our viewers want, we know what’s the dream wedding. So we have created the special Fann Wong & Christopher Lee-wedding package. It will be like their wedding all over again. Also because we have to recycle the props and the Styrofoam wedding cake.

B.B.See (VO):
In the special Fann Wong & Christopher Lee-wedding package, couples will get to wear Fann and Christopher’s wedding costumes, complete with special make-up by the make-up artist of Incredible Tales. In addition, previous Singapore Idols will provide music entertainment at the wedding dinner.

One of the fans of MediaCorp who is going to sign up for the package, is 28 year old Barbarella Moyce Tee.

Barbarella Moyce Tee:
Hello everybuttie, my name is Barbarella Moyce Tee. I am getting married soon. I finally found my Prince Charming, after I saw him at the pub. I am so very happy they have this wedding planning service. But I cannot sign up yet because I have to wait for my fiancé. You know, he has gone back to his country for a while, he is from Romania. Please come back soon darling!

B.B.See (standup):
Getting married is a wonderful thing, because you can buy a HDB flat together. If you are interested to take up a wedding package, please send your email to the address below. ( As for other plans, MediaCorp says they might consider live telecasts of celebrities giving birth in the future.


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