Tresalveo, Condominium project

This is the Tresalveo, a condominium near Marymount Road in Singapore.

I came up with the name Tresalveo, a portmanteau of the words Tre (very or thrice) and Salveo (good health or wellbeing). Hence those who live in Tresalveo will be blessed with very good health. 🙂

To sell the idea of an idlyllic, holiday resort-like lifestyle, the tagline reads:

where home is a natural getaway, everyday.

Apparently, a meaningful name does help; according to this news report:

“At Tresalveo, buyers bought 41 out of 60 launched units of the 176-unit development near Jalan Pemimpin for between $902 psf and $1,045 psf.”

And that’s during an economic downturn in 2008!

Here are some excepts from the brochure copy:

Wellbeing, it starts from within.

Tresalveo, a portmanteau of the words Tres and Salveo,

it means to be in very good health and wellbeing.

An inspiration of modern balanced living,

The Tresalveo is a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. A sanctuary for the mind and body. And your home where good health and wellbeing begins.

Welcome home to your natural getaway.

Enter The Tresalveo and release yourself, through a lush green avenue of tropical flora. Opening before your eyes as you walk through the central courtyard garden, the foliage of greenery reveals the contemporary details of your new home.

Poised in quiet repose, with its geometry of simplicity, a language of stillness and calm speaks to you. Feel the moment. And enjoy the serene exclusivity of your own living space.

This is your natural getaway, everyday.

Admire the vista of delights all around you.

Develop a true sense of ease by living in an established neighbourhood with an abundance of conveniences around you.

Enjoy a variety of retail choices just minutes’ drive away. Savour a delectable spread of eateries and restaurants along Upper Thomson Road. Or take a pleasant stroll in the nearby nature parks to round off your perfect evenings.

For families with children, top schools are in the vicinity, so you can rest assured that education is covered.

Centrally located, well-served by public transport and major expressways, plus the future Marymount Station at your doorstep, The Tresalveo gives you great accessibility to go anywhere you desire.

This, is truly delightful living.


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