MakanKing 2 radio script (30s)

A new season of the popular food-tasting tour around Singapore. (Makan = Malay for eat)

This promo was supposed to portray the energy of the two hosts, especially Adrian Pang’s wackiness.

Hmm… ah… oooh…. (SFX *Lip smacking, licking noises, slurping soup, noodles, etc)

… ahhhhh…

Do you feel the love? (SFX *oooh)

A tingle on your tongue perhaps? (SFX *cartoon tongue slurp)


your favourite hosts on TV, Adrian Pang and Michelle Chia, yes the funny man and the beautiful!

They are back again to bring you some lovely encounters of the FOOD kind!

We know you love your Makan,

So find out where’s the trendiest and tastiest, unique places in town to eat or just hang out!

Join us in MakanKing 2,

Starting 27th November, Every Monday 8pm on Channel U.

(SFX *burp…..)


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