Man O Man 2 radio script (30s)

This was for another season of Channel U’s variety program, Man O Man, a show about men, men’s fashion and stuff.

What makes a man, a man?
Is it the way he talks? (SFX: someone blabbering vaguely in background)
The way he carries himself? (some grunts… like heavy weightlifting)
Do clothes make a man? (zipping fabric sounds)
Is it his car Or his career? (car revving and moving off)

Ladies out there,
How much do you think you know the men around you?
Join our resident hunks, Tay Ping Hui & Jeff Wang,
And SuperHost Newbie Wu Luo Yi,
As they uncover the latest trends – of men’s fashion, lifestyle and technology.

Man O Man 2,
Starting Monday, 16th February at 1030pm, on Channel U


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