Noose Season 3 received an international Emmy… nomination!

Today is Tuesday, October 4th 2011, and it’s a great day.

Just saw on Alaric Tay’s Facebook post that The Noose Season 3 has received an international Emmy award nomination. Hmm, could this be a joke?

Here’s a pic for posterity:

How do i feel right now?

I feel lucky. I feel like I’ve won a prize somehow. The luck of the draw. Like they say, just being nominated is enough. You already feel closer. You feel humble too, because it’s an honour, and somehow, it wouldn’t be possible if Prem, the producer of The Noose, and the people at MediaCorp, if they hadn’t given me the opportunity to write for The Noose.

Have to thank the Onion for their inspiring work too.

Lesson to self:  Have to, must, I want to continue writing, creating and learning, even when there’s no audience. Because you never know when it will help you.


3 thoughts on “Noose Season 3 received an international Emmy… nomination!

  1. I think all the people behind Noose have every reason to be proud of and congratulations to you too, Soo Hian.

    I’ve just discovered your blog and shall return to read some more.


  2. Thanks Eric, I’m so sorry, I haven’t been keeping track of this blog for years, I’ve only returned to it recently and saw your comment. Thanks for your encouragement. Hope you are well.

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