Reflections #Rails, Quality Code

Today we learnt about what constitutes Quality Code: understandable readable tested working clear changeable discoverability documented We also learnt about rails model associations, how a join table helps join two tables/models' data for a many-to-many relationship. In teams of two, we drew a diagram called an entity relationship diagram and also used Trello (an online … Continue reading Reflections #Rails, Quality Code



This week, we learnt to do a forum. We were split into teams of two to work on a forum together, using the kanban method. I think it's a better method than scrum because it communicates clearly what's in progress, what's done, and what needs to be done. I don't really like scrum because the … Continue reading Reflections 

Reflections #1

Today was the first day at school. Here's my reflections. Objective – What did you do today? Today I learnt about the Montessori method of education, startups, computational thinking, and we also did some exercises on solving tic-tac-toe, the knight's tour, binary search (guessing number). Reflective – How did you feel today? I feel a mix of emotions. … Continue reading Reflections #1