Reflections #1

Today was the first day at school. Here’s my reflections.

Objective – What did you do today?
Today I learnt about the Montessori method of education, startups, computational thinking, and we also did some exercises on solving tic-tac-toe, the knight’s tour, binary search (guessing number).

Reflective – How did you feel today?
I feel a mix of emotions. There’s a sense of achievement and challenge in tackling the computational thinking exercises, a sense of wonder at how much there is to be learnt, I’m looking forward to the lessons and hoping I can excel. Also a little worried about whether I can get and maintain a career in this line, because this industry/field is new to me, I don’t know what’s the workload, etc. But I guess I’ll take it one step at a time and learn first. I’m glad that I had lunch with some of my coursemates, we could learn from each other and draw on our work experiences.

Interpretive – What did you learn today? (not a lecture note)
I learn that it’s important to choose the right/good market for your startup or product, because you will be spending some time searching/designing a scalable business model. I don’t think I want to start a startup, I might work for one though. What makes a good market – a large one with complacent incumbents or a small/niche one where you are the leader. Also about computational thinking – it can be used to solve problems, by breaking in down into small chunks, recognising patterns, generalising the problem/solution and coming up with a algorithm/step by step way of tackling the problem.

Reflection – Questions and problems
While chatting with my course mates, they told me about companies testing candidates about BigO notation – i think that’s quite critical knowledge, and the school will be teaching it this week, so I think I have to read it up on my own and to ask my course mates about what I missed, next week.

Decisional – What are you going to do tmr?
I am going away on a holiday and will be back on Saturday. I will try to catch up on my studies on Sat and Sun.


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