Reflections week 2 

Last week, we learnt about bootstrap and flexbox for manipulating html and css. We were supposed to display our work on the projector but my mac couldn’t connect, and I borrowed a classmate’s laptop. It was then that I discovered that my Web page made with bootstrap looks different in his browser. So I guess that’s a lesson learnt, to test yr page in different browsers. Not just chrome. 

What else did I learnt… Ah i almost burnt myself out on the public holiday and the day after. Because I wanted to finish the javascript jquery assignment. I learnt that the clone method needs boolean arguments in order to clone deep data. 

And the day after that during class, when I tried to sort the user rows by coding jquery, I think i spent upwards of 4 hours on it. Not efficient. I think i need to rethink my working and learning style. Perhaps try to get solutions step by step, testing and trying a basic code that’s proven to work before trying to jazz it up. 

And also, don’t reinvent the wheel. If there’s a solution, use it. Don’t be too stubborn and try to code yr own way in. I mean, it’s admirable to try, but also be wise to know when to detour. So that I can cover more ground on other subjects. 

What else? I tried working on the when’s the best time to buy/sell stocks exercise, and I learnt that Ruby and other programming languages have a floating point error when u do even simple math like 0.1 + 0.2. Then u need to round it or find a method online to solve this. For ruby, it’s something like the BigDecimal method. 


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