This week, we learnt to do a forum. We were split into teams of two to work on a forum together, using the kanban method. I think it’s a better method than scrum because it communicates clearly what’s in progress, what’s done, and what needs to be done. I don’t really like scrum because the daily meetings and sprints remind me of my time in an advertising firm and at the tv company. 

At the ad firm, we had daily meetings to talk abt the work, but it didn’t help if the problem wasn’t a lack of communication. The problem was poor sales. And the tv company, the problem was the workload/project was too much for an inexperienced team to handle and the main decision maker or client wasn’t regularly involved in the work progress. These led to tight crunches/many late nights as immovable deadlines loom and staff turnover was high. 

Anyway, we also learnt paired programming – how you work as a pair over a single computer, the driver verbalising his intentions and what he’s doing as he types his code and the observer checks and serves to improve the code through questions and suggestions. 

I want to improve my communication and my understanding of the rails and ruby code and architecture/system. 


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