Rem – AI Chatbot for mental wellness

Tonight was the night of our Alpha Camp project presentation. It marks the end of our 12 week web development course and we will soon be embarking on the next chapter of our life – back to work and reality! (More coding and learning.)

So, me, Nathan and Evan, we worked on a chatbot called Rem for our capstone project. Rem is supposed to provide a listening ear for users and comfort them when they feel depressed. Besides this, Rem also incorporates techniques from CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) – the two techniques are Mood Journaling and Gratitude Journaling. Users will be encouraged by Rem to record down their moods throughout the day, and also record down what/who they are thankful for.  These techniques have been proven to work by the way.

So yeah, we bought a domain name and are running a hobby server at heroku for this. We’ll see how it goes. You can check it out at

Just sign up for an account, check your email for a confirmation link. And then you can enter our site to start chatting.

Also, after you have signed up, you can also go to facebook messenger and find Rem to chat. It will prompt you to link your fb account to the heyrem site, so just do that and you’ll be fine.

The digital marketing girls (Hui Sze and Desiree) have made a nice digital marketing landing page for Rem at  You can check it out for more details regarding Rem.

For Rem, we used ruby on rails to communicate with FB’s webhook for the messenger integration. And for the AI language processing, we used from Google. It’s a free service at the moment. I think it really helped that we approached the project together and complemented each other’s knowledge with our own learning at the same time. So that a daunting (and unknown) task eventually became more manageable.


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