Soopbot, a Facebook chatbot demo

I made a simple Facebook chatbot demo. You can message it at its Facebook page and your email and message will be saved to this website. To check out the source code, just go to my github.

I decided to build this because I think it might be easier to demo the link between Facebook messenger to rails server to If you would like to see more of what can do, maybe you can check out Rem, the mood-journaling chatbot I did with my project mates in Alpha Camp. There’s more conversation design there.

I used facebook-messenger gem and api-ai gem to link the backend with both facebook and I think tinkerbox has a message-quickly gem that allows your rails app to integrate with Facebook messenger too for chatbot functions, it looks quite nifty,  i’ll try it out some time. Maybe after I try building a webscraper with rails (following an online tutorial). I’ve always wanted to build a webscraper, it’ll help me extract and save my diaryland postings. 🙂




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