Social media for NVIDIA Asia Pacific

Some social media posts I wrote for NVIDIA Asia Pacific:

During my stint as a community manager/copywriter for NVIDIA Asia Pacific, I had the chance to observe and learn how social media & content marketing was implemented, although I wasn’t privy to the really strategic war-room stuff.

Just from my observations in the trenches, I could see that what’s amazing about NVIDIA’s digital marketing strategy was its sheer scale, segmented channels based on products & market regions, and volume of daily articles, videos and information. All dedicated to establishing itself as the thought leader in providing GPUs, high speed computing systems and cloud services for data centers, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, deep learning, graphics rendering and virtualization.

If you do a search on Twitter, you’ll find that there’s a multitude of NVIDIA accounts: NVIDIA, NVIDIA Europe, NVIDIA Data Center, NVIDIA Embedded, NVIDIA AI, NVIDIA AI Developer, NVIDIA Asia Pacific, etc. Of course, there are also corresponding Facebook accounts for these channels.

What about the content on these social media? Well, it’s generated by the many tech writers/editors who work for NVIDIA’s blog. If you go there, you’ll see that they have loads of content, and it’s not fluff, most of the content are well-written, informative and accessible, such that even if you’re not a tech-savvy person, you’re still able to understand the impact of NVIDIA’s GPU products.

And this impact is extensive – it’s only early stages now, but GPU-accelerated AI and deep learning has already started making inroads in many diverse industries, from self-driving trucks in construction and transportation, weather/climate prediction systems to help farmers reap higher crop yields, cancer/disease-diagnosis systems in the medical industry to help doctors make accurate diagnoses earlier so that patients get treated earlier with better survival rates, face-recognition/object-detection systems in security and surveillance (and traffic management systems), AI that can edit video highlights of sports events, and more – the list is expanding every day. And we haven’t mentioned the cryptocurrency craze that’s sweeping GPU cards off the shelves.

If you check out NVIDIA’s youtube channel, you’ll also find a plethora of video content about their products, about NVIDIA-featured events/conferences that tour the globe every year, and about startups & companies that are making technological breakthroughs using their GPU systems. They also do a theme series called #IamAI which profiles noteworthy individuals in the fields of AI, deep learning and research. Recently, they also created an #IamAI video docu-series that profiles the startups/researchers and their innovative work.

Add all these – videos, blog articles, press coverage – and you have a constant stream of buzz and publicity. A fountain of everlasting content that’s great for marketing.


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