4 factors that affect your placing in Google Search

google-bing-logos-790pxWhen someone wants to buy or know more about a product/service/topic, they’ll go to a search engine such as Google or Bing.

And one of the key factors (some say the most important one) of a successful business or webpage is whether you can get first-page advantage — appearing on the first page of the search results — and appeal to people enough to make them click and visit your page.

  1. Content
    • Are your page title, description, keywords, and headers relevant to the search terms?
    • Length of content on your page (relative to your competitors) and whether it’s repetitive/plagiarised or varied/original.
    • Comprehensiveness of content. For e.g. If you’re listing the best food in Singapore, does your page cover the same or more options, relative to other competing webpages? Google is able to compare many sites to check for keywords and whether your content satisfies users.
  2. Page Rank/Links
    • The number of inbound links from other webpages/websites and the quality score of those webpages. Aka Page Rank.
    • The text content of inbound links (aka anchor text). For e.g. the link to your webpage cites Harry Potter costumes instead of generic terms like click here.
  3. Technical Factors
    • Page loading speed (has to be two seconds or less)
    • Mobile-friendliness (whether your webpages have been optimised for smartphone screens, i.e. responsive design that resizes or re-layouts text/images/videos to help it look good on all devices)
  4. User Experience
    • Higher click-through rate (CTR) which is the ratio of number of clicks to visit your page compared to the number of times your listing was displayed in the results.
    • Higher amount of time spent by users on your site/page.

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