Email Marketing Demo (today I learned)

As an email marketing demo/exercise, I wrote some email copy for a dropshipping company, Maison de Beaute Marseille. The products were the Montpellier Tote, Marseille Leather Tote and The Courier – Men’s Leather Messenger Briefcase.

These are the products:

The Brief

The brief is simple. Let’s say: promote these 3 products in one tactical email. We need an email subject and body copy inside the email, alongside images of the products.

The challenge – how to promote mixed products in one email

If you noticed, two of the products (the totes) are for women, while the messenger bag is for men.

This indicates that our target audience for this email would be both women & men, and our email subject has to be crafted in a way that speaks to both genders and entice them to open it. That’s the challenge.


First Step – Research

The first step of copywriting or marketing is research. Find out as much info as possible about the product and its audience.

So here’s what I gleaned:

  1. All 3 products are on discount. I did a calculation; it’s up to 40% off.
  2. Similar benefits between the 3 products:
    1. Handcrafted
    2. Made of genuine leather
    3. Classic styles
    4. Branding position: Upmarket, Sophisticated, Luxury, European origins
    5. Brand voice: Conversational, tells stories about its products, extensive vocabulary with upmarket keywords
    6. Audience: US, UK, Europe; women-centric; fashion-conscious

Besides research on the products and audience, I would also recommend reading up on its previous marketing material to understand the brand’s voice, manner of communicating with its customers — basically how it has been promoting itself. So that your email can be consistent with the brand.  (Although in some cases, the brief is to project a new image.)

Next – Crafting Copy

I felt that these 3 products were classic styles and we ought to highlight their benefits to the customers. And there’s also the challenge of trying to stand out in a sea of advertising emails in their inboxes — the email subject is very important.

Here’s what I came up with:

Option 1


On Sale: Classic handcrafted leather bags for Ladies & Gents


Here’s your chance to own timeless classics that never go out of style. Carefully handcrafted for quality and made of the softest, genuine leather, these durable bags befit any occasion for the sophisticated lady and gentleman. On sale now:

[Lifestyle photos of the 3 products carried by models]

More styles available at our store, up to 40% off!

Limited time only.

Option 2


On Sale: Classics curated for you. 

I was thinking we could send two versions of the email – one to Men, one to Women, so that it’s more personalised and intrigue people to open up the email. And the body copy would be different too.


Say hello to 3 timeless classics that never go out of style — our Montpellier Tote, Marseille Leather Tote, and the Courier. Individually handcrafted for quality and made of the softest genuine leather, these long-lasting beauties can grace any occasion for the sophisticated lady and gentleman.

[Lifestyle photos of the 3 products carried by models]

More styles available at our store, up to 40% off!

Limited time only.

If it’s two versions of the email, we can edit the products and words (lady/gentleman) accordingly.

An alternate brief – writing subject line for an existing email

Just to mix things up a bit, what if the brief was to write the subject line for an existing email?

Let’s look at the email I got:


So it’s a newly designed bag that’s created from the feedback/suggestions from the community of customers.

Email subject option 1:

New leather bags designed by your feedback. Enjoy 15% off!

Email subject option 2:

Your suggestions to us created our new Nantes handbag! 

I think I prefer the second option because it’s more specific, mentions the name of the new handbag.

Email Body Preview in Subject Field

What’s interesting is I left out the part of the 15% off in the email subject. It’s deliberate because I realised that when I received this email in my gmail inbox, I could see a preview of the first line of the email body.

If you take a look at the email, you notice a sentence in tiny font:

48 hours only – 15% off the Nantes handbag this weekend only.

It’s a small detail, easily overlooked; I think because its main purpose was to appear as a preview in your potential customer’s inbox, like an add-on to the email subject field. And the info it imparts is already in the body copy of the email anyway.

This works for both desktop and mobile gmail inboxes. So it’s a great technique, you’re not explicitly advertising your discount in the email subject, but it’s communicated to the customers in a more subtle way.


Well, it’s been an interesting exercise for me, in terms of writing copy for luxury retail goods, as I haven’t done this for some years — I was working shoulders-deep in TV.

And I learned something new about email marketing: the body preview.

Initially, I thought that this exercise would be a drag, but I actually find it quite exciting the more I think about it. I mean the field of retail marketing. IMHO, I think it might be more competitive than corporate/internal communications because you’re fighting against a deluge of mass emails and busy customers with limited attention and budgets.

The exciting bits, if you have a marketing budget, would be creating different content — on social media, videos, photoshoots, etc — to position and build up your brand.

Of course, you have to also maintain product quality in the manufacturing process, unless you’re just aiming for sales from one-off customers — you’re not building up brand loyalty. But that’s another topic for another day.


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