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Can You Stomach This? (boardgame)

Not from the boardgame. But this is a fun image!

Somewhere in 2007, I was freelancing as a copywriter and Wordsworth Media hired me to create an educational boardgame for school kids about the human digestive system. Here are the hilarious results:

Can You Stomach This?

See if you have the guts to explore Hungry Joe!

Hungry Joe is very hungry and he needs to eat a proper meal so that he has energy to play. The aim of the game is to feed Hungry Joe, explore his digestive system and reach the finishing mark, which is the toilet!

Here’s the

Can You Stomach This? boardgame map

and cards to play in the game:

Quiz Cards
Special Cards

all the food goes into my belly.

What I like about copywriting

I like copywriting because, well, besides having the opportunity to play with words or persuade people, I think one of the meaningful things it does is actually manipulating information – translating chunks of boring information into a clearer, fun-to-read format.

But it’s more than communication, it’s the construction of meaning.

You build up a world through your words, and get people to see meaningful value around them. E.g., a job sorting mail is no longer just a job – you’re responsible for bridging lovers in their letters, or bringing warmth to a homesick family member who misses local food…

It’s great that inspiration/advice can come from unexpected sources. Currently, I’m working on a recruitment project and I happen to be watching a talk by Guy Kawasaki and he mentioned drawng a MAP for your employees.

What’s MAP?

Mastery – the chance to master skills, gain experience and learn.

Autonomy – the opportunity to work independently, without micro-management.

Purpose – that they are contributing to a greater goal, a greater good, that their work is meaningful and has purpose.

I would like to add one more point:

Turn duties and responsibilities into opportunities to learn and improve.

Ok, I feel more assured to start work tomorrow.

Classifieds – Chevrolet deals

The idea was to advertise the two different models of Chevrolet cars, playing off one against the other (on-road and off-road), to sell the wide range of exclusive deals at Starsauto. And maybe some families might want to buy both cars because they are Transformers or Chevrolet fans.

Here’s a generic version we ran after some time:

Apologies for the scanning misalignments. But do you notice the difference between these two ads? I feel that the first one’s headline works harder, it’s not just saying that we have great deals, it’s saying that we have MORE great deals.

Creative Warehouse Sale (2007) – brochure

This is an extract from their newsletter in 2007, when I first started out as a copywriter, working freelance at Creative Technology.

During my two months there, I wrote product descriptions and also worked on this annual Creative Warehouse Sale newsletter. I wrote the headlines and body copy.

Fire sale ads like this one involves quite a number of late nights, cross-checking the myriad of product features and most importantly, the prices. Absolutely must not get that wrong.