Red Cross – Festive Season Poster 2

Another execution of the Singapore Red Cross’s holiday poster. A bright spark of an idea from the art director.

To get more people to donate blood during the Nov-Dec holidays.

But i think the other one was chosen in the end.


Red Cross – Festive Season Poster

Poster for the Singapore Red Cross. (Click to enlarge)

As the number of blood donors is traditionally very low during the holiday periods, Red Cross wanted to send out a letter to remind more people to donate blood.

The art director came up with the idea of using iconography to get the message across in a more attractive and curious way. I wrote the copy. There you have it.

Tresalveo, Condominium project

This is the Tresalveo, a condominium near Marymount Road in Singapore.

I came up with the name Tresalveo, a portmanteau of the words Tre (very or thrice) and Salveo (good health or wellbeing). Hence those who live in Tresalveo will be blessed with very good health. 🙂

To sell the idea of an idlyllic, holiday resort-like lifestyle, the tagline reads:

where home is a natural getaway, everyday.

Apparently, a meaningful name does help; according to this news report:

“At Tresalveo, buyers bought 41 out of 60 launched units of the 176-unit development near Jalan Pemimpin for between $902 psf and $1,045 psf.”

And that’s during an economic downturn in 2008!

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Hong Leong Finance Print Ads (Proposed) 1/3

Vision. All great businesses are built with it. That’s why it’s important to have partners who share your view of the future. So when Lim Kwee Siang, Managing Director of Hi-Tech Electronics, saw the potential of the niche market for industrial cameras, he approached Hong Leong Finance for help. Today, his company is one of the major providers of high-speed cameras and imaging solutions in Singapore. We are proud to have played a role in his success. Because we supported his vision with our experience and knowledge. Come share your vision with us today. We’re sure the future looks promising.