What I’ve been up to… Freelancing and signed up for DM courses

So the past week I’ve been freelancing as a copywriter for an agency and it’s been great so far.

i like the pace of the work, and the fact that the company provides breakfast and snacks for its staff, and has a great playlist of songs from the 90s, are plus points too.

As a side effect of doing copy, I’m beginning to like writing again. I think it’s largely because of the pace; I mostly finish work and leave the office on time. A change from some previous jobs where I didn’t know what time I’d be working until every day.


With more time for myself, I signed up for an Edx course on digital marketing and started learning at Lynda.com. I think DM is interesting and certainly very relevant, since the first place people look for information is to go online.

The last time I worked in advertising was in 2011, a time when companies had started utilising social media for marketing. There were contests and games on Facebook, I remember a fruit drinks company hired the agency I was in to make a shooting game and I was also assigned to write some comics for their Facebook posts – the comic characters were fruits.

Now, it’s fascinating to see how the business/advertising landscape has changed, there’s a lot more companies on Facebook now, although I think there isn’t as much experimental work now, maybe the marketers are more careful about their ad spend nowadays, or streamlining it on content that’s more relevant to their brand and consumers.

Thinking about how the marketing landscape has changed, I see new buzzwords and terminology: terms like paid media, earned media, and owned media. New ways of classifying channels of engagement with their audience.

The wave is here. Digital marketing, driven by metrics and ways to measure results, is going to be in demand, along with content creation that produces shared value for brands and their fans.


What I like about copywriting

I like copywriting because, well, besides having the opportunity to play with words or persuade people, I think one of the meaningful things it does is actually manipulating information – translating chunks of boring information into a clearer, fun-to-read format.

But it’s more than communication, it’s the construction of meaning.

You build up a world through your words, and get people to see meaningful value around them. E.g., a job sorting mail is no longer just a job – you’re responsible for bridging lovers in their letters, or bringing warmth to a homesick family member who misses local food…

It’s great that inspiration/advice can come from unexpected sources. Currently, I’m working on a recruitment project and I happen to be watching a talk by Guy Kawasaki and he mentioned drawng a MAP for your employees.

What’s MAP?

Mastery – the chance to master skills, gain experience and learn.

Autonomy – the opportunity to work independently, without micro-management.

Purpose – that they are contributing to a greater goal, a greater good, that their work is meaningful and has purpose.

I would like to add one more point:

Turn duties and responsibilities into opportunities to learn and improve.

Ok, I feel more assured to start work tomorrow.