Life-changing Experiences

In 2008, I almost died while water-rafting in Sabah with my friend when our little rubber dingy capsized in a muddy brown river that churned us like an egg beater on maximum power. As the rushing river waters swallowed me, my last thoughts were, "I'm going to die here. What a stupid way to die!" … Continue reading Life-changing Experiences


SPH retrenchment, media stagnancy

Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) recently had a retrenchment exercise. The initial plan was to reduce about 230 jobs (130 being retrenchments) by end 2018, but the management had a change of mind and decided to bring it forward to October this year. This unfortunate event precipitated some critiques on local Singapore media:¬†SPH mass retrenchment to … Continue reading SPH retrenchment, media stagnancy

In Search of a Pontianak Tree with SPI (2002)

In 2002, I followed the Singapore Paranormal Investigators on an excursion for a news-feature writing assignment for school. Here's what came out of that project: It was a Friday evening when I arranged to meet a group of Singaporeans who call themselves Singapore Paranormal Investigators (SPI). We were having a dinner cum interview session at … Continue reading In Search of a Pontianak Tree with SPI (2002)