Life-changing Experiences

In 2008, I almost died while water-rafting in Sabah with my friend when our little rubber dingy capsized in a muddy brown river that churned us like an egg beater on maximum power. As the rushing river waters swallowed me, my last thoughts were, "I'm going to die here. What a stupid way to die!" … Continue reading Life-changing Experiences



This week, we learnt to do a forum. We were split into teams of two to work on a forum together, using the kanban method. I think it's a better method than scrum because it communicates clearly what's in progress, what's done, and what needs to be done. I don't really like scrum because the … Continue reading Reflections¬†

To Dhalsim, the fire-breathing yoga-practising Street Fighter

Dear Dhalsim, How did u get this way? You're a fire-breathing yoga-practising street fighter, with elephants and elaborate carpet patterns in your white palace, your arms and legs they can extend so far and touch the other end. This room is not big enough for the two of us, wherever I run, I cannot hide. … Continue reading To Dhalsim, the fire-breathing yoga-practising Street Fighter