Radio ad for Nets Cashcard online top-up

SFX - Amazing Race style music ANNCR:   Oh they're round the corner, into basement one, full speed! But can they find the only CashCard top-up kiosk in the area before it's too late? Wait, straight ahead, is it there? SFX - Engine sputtering ANNCR:   Oh no! They're out of petrol! Female VO: Tired of racing … Continue reading Radio ad for Nets Cashcard online top-up


Mars versus Venus radio script

Woman:    Why dun you ask for instructions when you’re lost? Man:           How many shoes do you need to buy? Woman:    Why can’t you be more sensitive? Man:           Why won’t you tell me what’s wrong? Woman:    Oh Man, Man:           Oh Woman, Together:  Why don’t I understand you? Man:          Nobody knows … Continue reading Mars versus Venus radio script