Hong Leong Finance Print Ads (Proposed) 3/3

Dreams. Who needs them? Yet it’s strange how powerful a dream can be. When Tan See Dee, founder of Q Bread, first started out, he had only a dream. A dream of selling delicious bread and pastries to students and commuters every morning. Today, his dream has turned into a successful franchise of 20 stores all over Singapore. Hong Leong Finance is proud to have played a role in his success. Because we believed in the power of his dream. And we see the potential that comes with passion and hard work. So if you have a dream, share it with us. Let us help you make it a reality.

Hong Leong Finance Print Ads (Proposed) 2/3

Opportunity. It seldom appears. And even when it does, it’s often overlooked. A missed business opportunity could mean a substantial loss in revenue. So when Tan Yew Kiat, Managing Director of bYSI Clothing, wanted to expand to the regional markets, he looked to Hong Leong Finance for help. Now, his million-dollar fashion label includes several franchise outlets in Indonesia and Philippines. We have the experience and knowledge to help him succeed. Because we were an SME too. And we know that opportunities don’t wait. Neither should you. Come now and we’ll help you grab the opportunity to succeed.

Hong Leong Finance Print Ads (Proposed) 1/3

Vision. All great businesses are built with it. That’s why it’s important to have partners who share your view of the future. So when Lim Kwee Siang, Managing Director of Hi-Tech Electronics, saw the potential of the niche market for industrial cameras, he approached Hong Leong Finance for help. Today, his company is one of the major providers of high-speed cameras and imaging solutions in Singapore. We are proud to have played a role in his success. Because we supported his vision with our experience and knowledge. Come share your vision with us today. We’re sure the future looks promising.

Jaguar Direct Mailer

This is the front of a direct mailer for Jaguar automobiles. The original is in colour but unfortunately, I only have the photocopied version. The copy reads:

The last time you looked at a Jaguar,
you weren’t the only one.

Every time someone passed it,
they gave a second glance.

They couldn’t help it.
Neither could you.

Now it can be yours.
For less than $119,000*.

The back lists the model of the car, its specs, and where visitors/admirers can view the car at the showrooms.